About the facility

Benedict is developing a resource-recovery facility at 52 Anderson Road, Smeaton Grange, in outer South-West Sydney.

The resource-recovery facility will accept up to 140,000 tonnes of waste per year, diverting most of it from landfill.

The resource recovery facility will import inert general solid waste (non‐putrescible), such as construction and demolition wastes, and selected commercial and industrial wastes for processing (for example, screening and sorting). This processing will produce recyclable materials such as masonry, soils, metals, timbers and dry paper and cardboard. These materials will be separated out and sent to specific facilties for further recycling. 

No odour - Liquid, hazardous, putrescible or odour-generating materials will NOT be accepted by the site. We will NOT be accepting kerbside garbage trucks that carry household waste (red bin waste).

No landfill - There will be no materials land‐filled or otherwise disposed anywhere within the site.

Community benefits - Local residents and tradespeople will benefit as there are currently no facilities of this type in the Camden Council local government area.

Our commitment - Benedict takes our responsibilities to the wider community very seriously. For example, we have changed our designs to include a 11 metre tall shed and 10 metre tall fence to shield residents from possible noise, dust and light impacts.

While we are confident the proposed facility will have minimal impact on local residents and the surrounding environment, we are committed to working with Camden Council and residents to ensure any concerns are heard and addressed immediately.


Will accept
  • Tiles, bricks & concrete

  • Glass

  • Asphalt

  • Gyprock 

  • Paper/cardboard

  • Cloth

  • Plastics

  • Rubber

  • Wood

  • Garden waste

  • Metals

  • Excavated natural materials (e.g. sand and sandstone)

  • Uncontaminated soils

These materials can be accepted in either segregated or mixed loads

Will NOT accept
  • General solid waste - putrescible (red bin waste)

  • Odorous waste

  • Hazardous waste

  • Clinical and related waste

  • Asbestos waste

  • Whole loads of waste tyres

  • Liquid waste

  • Restricted solid waste

  • Other “Special” waste (as per EPA gazettal notice) 

In the last 5 years Benedict has

recycled more than 2,550,000 tonnes of waste, diverting approx. 82% from landfill

Read more about waste minimisation




Benedict will make sure the Smeaton Grange waste resource recovery facility will have minimal impact on the local community.  We will do this by limiting the types of waste we accept into the modern purpose-built facility. 

No odour-generating waste accepted

The only waste that we accept is waste that: does not readily decay; does not emit offensive odours; and does not attract vermin.

The only waste we will accept is defined as general solid non-putrescrible waste – that means no liquid waste, no hazardous waste and no odour-generating waste.


No household garbage, no kerbside garbage trucksThere will be no kerbside garbage trucks and no putrescible (food) waste accepted at our facility.

The approved design of the new facility will ensure that there are not negative impacts on the community. 

Our facility and our processes are based on years of experience sorting and recycling waste into re-usable and re-engineered products. 

Our regular operating hours for waste deliveries and dispatch 

The facility is expected to normally accept waste deliveries and dispatch materials:

  • Monday to Friday: 6am – 5pm
    (and up to 10pm by prior arrangement)

  • Saturday: 6am – 4pm

  • Sunday: 8am – 4pm

Waste processing at the facility will only occur:

  • Monday to Saturday: 7am - 4pm

  • No waste processing on Sundays


The site will not be open on public holidays.


Since 2010 Benedict has worked with Greenfleet to plant a total of 9,622 trees. That's 3 trees per day!




These native, biodiverse forests have offset more than 2,578 tonnes of carbon emissions.

Benedict recycles 220,000 tonnes of concrete and brick into aggregates and sand every year.



This is enough material to use in the laying of 165,000 linear metres of pipes.

Benedict recycles 6,000 tonnes of scrap steel per year. 






This goes back to the steel mills who convert it into new steel products.



Established in 1966, this Australian family owned and operated company grew from being a haulage contractor to become the largest independent producer and reseller of quarried, recycled and landscape products in NSW.

Proudly, Benedict is still growing today and helping to meet the needs of Greater Sydney with its civil, landscaping and recycling requirements.
Benedict’s vision and track record is to restore, improve and leave the land in better shape than we found it.

Sydney’s leading quarrying, resources and recycling company. Servicing the greater Sydney region for over 50 years.




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